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Sequoia is the only customs declaration software to include the complete customs tariff – all 3 volumes – and deliver it all to your desktop. Sequoia provides the best integrated electronic customs tariff available anywhere.

It is the first and only software solution to provide a fully searchable, complete electronic Customs Tariff, combining all the information and visual benefits of the traditional paper tariff with the advantages of searchable electronic media.  

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The ASM Customs Tariff Viewer is always up to date and the most accurate source of tariff information available anywhere. It’s incredibly easy to use and navigate and is fully integrated with the Sequoia customs declarations module.

The Customs Tariff Viewer is also available as a stand-alone product. You don't have to be a Sequoia user or even an ASM customer to benefit from this outstanding software. 

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For more information about the Customs Tariff Viewer, how it works and how much it can save you, contact

 Open Quote  The ASM Customs Tariff Viewer means that you’ll never have to handle the cumbersome paper tariff and those monthly updates ever again and never have to fight with your colleagues for access to the only paper copy in the office. Ever!  Close Quote 


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