Minor changes for clearing import and export goods (CIP 5/2020)

When you send your paperwork to the National Clearance Hub you’ll also need to send an NCH1 in every instance.

From early March 2020, import and export clearance documents sent to HMRC will be sorted automatically. This means that traders will now need to fill out and send a PDF summary form (called a trader submission header form or NCH1) to HMRC for each submission that needs further checks.

This small change is being made to improve the efficiency of how import and export documents are processed. HMRC has consulted with traders and representative bodies before making this change.

If goods are selected for further checks by HMRC (Route 1, Route 2 and Route 0), traders will need to send the NCH1 and all supporting paperwork to nch@hmrc.gov.uk.

The National Clearance Hub, which processes imports and exports, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Further details


To use this form you will need to fill it in onscreen and save as a PDF - the filename must start with ‘NCH1’, for example, NCH1ABC123.pdf.

Question 6 of the NCH1 has been changed so that we can easily identify ‘Route 1 CAP’ entries.

Clearance of your goods will be delayed if you do not submit the trader submission header form (NCH1) correctly.

We have updated the NCH1 form, which you can find in the guidance about the National Clearance Hub. This guidance will be updated with the new process in advance of change to allow you time to get your business ready.


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Published 20 February 2020

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