Changes to approved depositories (CIP16/2018)

Find out why approved depositories will no longer be able to operate under their current approval.

Removal of approved depository authorisation

From 1 May 2019, all approved depositories will no longer be able to operate under their current approval.

Due to the removal of the C3/C5 document and the introduction of the Transfer of Residence (ToR), an electronic declaration is now required.

Approved depositories must now have the same standard as an External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF).

If approved depositories authorisation holders wish to clear the goods directly to the frontier, they do not have to apply for an ETSF approval. The temporary storage facilitation may not be needed, depending on their business model.


All approved depositories holders have the following options:

  • to make a declaration to a Customs procedure at the frontier removing the need for inland temporary storage
  • to continue to keep these goods in temporary storage at their premises, approved depositories holders are required to apply for a full temporary storage Approval as an ETSF

The new procedures for ToR relief will allow importers to apply for ToR before goods are sent to the UK and will facilitate clearance at the border. Further information on claiming ToR is available in Public Notice 3: bringing your belongings, pets and private motor vehicles to UK from outside the EU.

If you are considering applying for a temporary storage approval you can request a copy of the expression of interest form by emailing:

Further information

Find out about the requirements for an ETSF approval by contacting the Border Force National Frontier Approvals Unit on Telephone: 0121 781 7861 or 0121 781 7856.

Published 30 November 2018

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