CCS-UK Potential Solution for Ro-Ro cargo in the event of a no deal Brexit

The CCS-UK Cargo Community User Group have issued a brief to publicise a potential solution for RoRo traffic in the event of a Day One No Deal Brexit.


In the event of the UK leaving the EU without agreement (a “no deal” scenario), the CCS-UK User Group and CCS-UK (operated by BT) are developing an approach to assist freight forwarders, hauliers, airlines and other companies in the movement of freight between the UK and Europe.

The intention is to leverage the capability of CCS-UK in handling both safety and security declarations and controlling the movement of goods to inland locations where the fiscal declaration can take place. The approach uses an enhancement to the CCS-UK Advanced Information System (AIS) module already in use by a considerable number of freight forwarders and transport companies (including international hauliers) to notify their deliveries and pickups to UK airports. This gives supply chain visibility to hauliers, carriers and port authorities, and provides improved reporting and visibility to HM Revenue & Customs and UK Border Force.

For UK imports, it enables EU originating freight to travel directly to Customs-approved inland locations without the need to go via port-linked clearance points (such as Stop24). This will reduce congestion at the frontier and provide flexibility in the routing and control/inspection of freight.

For UK exports, the AIS module will arrive declarations at the ports and obtain clearance to enable freight to move directly through the ports and into Europe.

The declarations will also be departed closing off the export process with UK Customs.

The advantage to CCS-UK customers is that they will be able to use their current service without the need for links to other port-based community systems whatever the outcome of Brexit. For other potential customers it avoids the need to utilise potentially congested port-linked clearance facilities.

The above approach is dependent on Government policy compliance and approval.

For more information please contact Guy Thompson (The CCS-UK Cargo Community User Group Ltd)

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