Constant Customer Support - No Question, No Option

ASM announces continued investment in high-calibre people for its industry-leading Help Desk to ensure its Sequoia and GeMS customers receive unmatched levels of support.

Software companies usually measure success in direct proportion to sales, which is often attributed to the calibre of their products, however ask users to rate a software supplier and they continually say that companies stand or fall on their customer support.

Jeff Emsley, Quality and Service Delivery Manager, ASM states: “Freight moves 24x7x365 so our Help Desk is there for our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our software is mission critical to our customers and our Help Desk is there to ensure we exceed customer demands. The only way to maintain that is constant investment in finding and recruiting the right quantity and quality of people to guarantee our customers never wait for assistance.”

“Too often, we hear non-ASM users having to wait days for a response. It’s hardly acceptable if your system goes down and your only recourse is ‘send an email and wait’.  A 48-hour service level agreement might sound fine but imagine your business is ‘dead in the water’ for one or possibly two days, and all the while your customers are losing faith with you.”

ASM’s UK-based Help Desk is staffed by people with in-depth product knowledge of both the GeMS and Sequoia Customs Clearance Platforms combined with real-world freight forwarding industry experience.

Emsley continues: “When you call our Help Desk the response is fast and effective. Our Help Desk is located right next to our Development Team and can escalate problems to the people that write the software. We all work together to solve issues in the shortest possible time.  Our people have previously worked in the freight industry.  We have ‘walked a mile’ in our customer’s shoes.  We know the industry’s problems and how to solve them.”

As a ‘not-for-profit mutual trading company owned by its customers, ASM concentrates totally on re-investing its profits in the development of improved software and maintaining the highest levels of support for its customers.

Emsley concludes: “My confidence in the quality of ASM’s customer support is such that I would willingly match our Help Desk service and its problem resolution performance against any other in the industry. Although, I seriously doubt that I’ll be receiving a challenge in the near future.”

• support: (t) 01784 240400 (e)
• sales: (t) 01784 242200 (e)