ASM welcomes back UK Customs Solutions as a user of its Sequoia Customs clearance software

Gary Harrold, UK Customs Compliance Manager, UK Customs Solutions, tests out the software
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Agency Sector Management (ASM) has welcomed back Customs broker UK Customs Solutions as a user of its Sequoia Customs Clearance software.


The company specialises in efficient, compliant customs and logistics services and stopped using the software last year when it moved to another platform, but has returned due to the synergies that it enjoyed from working with ASM.


UK Customs Solutions has returned as a user of Sequoia as it prepares for new trading conditions when the UK leaves the European Union (EU) on 31st December 2020.


“We are returning to ASM as our businesses enjoy great synergies and we believe their vision and commitment to future development matches our expectations,” said Ross Gosling, Operations Director, UK Customs Solutions.


He said the company trusts ASM’s software to provide it with business continuity post-Brexit which is likely to prove a challenging time.


“For us it will be to ensure we have enough fully trained personnel from the beginning, we have already increased our resource significantly to protect our current client base and commitments already made, but demand for our services will be high from January next year,” said Gosling.


Gosling said that businesses should be preparing now to ensure their goods are flown in and out of the UK easily from January next year.


He added UK Customs Solutions is concerned that traders are not prepared for the changes that will come into effect when the UK leaves the bloc.


“UK Customs Solutions returning as a user of our Sequoia software is excellent news as it shows our Sequoia software is second to none and will help with business continuity when the UK leaves the EU,” said Peter Macswiney, Chairman of ASM.


“Now is the time for businesses to get organised and ready for new trading conditions that will come into effect at the end of this year which will significantly change the way UK businesses trade with the EU.”


ASM is an independent company and its one-stop Sequoia Customs clearance software is used across the international freight supply chain.

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