Approval of internal temporary storage facilities - remote (CIP17/2018)

Find out about the approval of additional internal temporary storage facilities - remote being reinstated.


Internal temporary storage facilities - remote (ITSFs-R) are approved temporary storage facilities. They are situated within the immediate vicinity of an approved port or airport but outside the customs controlled area of the frontier (port or airport), where non-Union goods may be placed in storage prior to being placed under a customs procedure or re-exported.

Changes to ITSFs-R

A policy decision has been taken to reinstate the approval of ITSFs-R.

Changes affect all importers who are involved in the movement of non-Union goods such as a:

  • freight forwarder
  • customs agent
  • warehouse keeper
  • transport company

The approval of additional ITSFs-R has been reintroduced due to a number of reasons, including the need for further infrastructure to meet the demands of trade and the limited space within port boundaries for additional ITSFs.

These facilities are considered to be part of the UK border and as a result must be approved for this purpose by the Border Force. The conditions under which the operation of these temporary storage facilities is permitted will be as set out in the authorisation.

Contact details

You can get full details about the conditions and criteria from the Border Force National Frontier Approvals Unit on telephone: 0121 781 7861 or 0121 781 7856.

If you’re thinking about applying for an ITSF-R approval, you can request a copy of the expression of interest form by

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Published 29 November 2018

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