CCS-UK Service Update regarding RoRo traffic

CCS-UK customers will be able to use their existing badges to submit non-inventory linked Customs declarations (air freight & non-air freight) at any of the UK’s RoRo ports (e.g. Dover, Holyhead and the Channel Tunnel etc.).

This will support import processes such as:

It will also support:

These processes will enable the truck to cross the frontier without any further paperwork being done at the border. Where there is a requirement to subsequently provide a supplementary declaration after the goods have arrived, this too can be done using existing CCS-UK badges.

NB: Hauliers/Carriers are also required to submit Safety and Security declarations in advance of entering the UK and these can also be submitted through CCS-UK.

For exports, customers will be able to use their existing CCS-UK NES badges to submit combined export and safety/security declarations for goods travelling to the EU.

In using CCS-UK, our customers:

CCS-UK is a resilient, high availability service with substantial capacity for increased volumes of declarations. CCS-UK handles the Air Imports and Exports for the UK and has over 30 years’ experience of managing time critical and just-in-time cargo movements, comparable with RoRo freight requirements.

CCS-UK keeps your freight moving!

CCS-UK is working with HMRC, UK Border Force and the wider Government departments to improve the options for Importers and Exporters that will streamline the flow of goods across all UK borders and we look forward to being able to announce these in the coming weeks.

For Importers who are not yet CCS-UK customers, please make enquiries via where we will be pleased to advise and help you.

Nick Weaver

CCS-UK Delivery Director

• support: (t) 01784 240400 (e)
• sales: (t) 01784 242200 (e)